What now~?

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He’s back and he’s possibly even more retarded.

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As with my resurrection, this week also sees the unwelcome return of Big Mick’s comics. The latest entry is entitled ‘The Never Ending Social Trials Of The ‘Mantelope”. Go to it for another slice of retarded brilliance.


More Music To Rape To

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Possibly the piece of music that may be ruined the most by being exposed to sexual assault. Although Otis Redding’s ‘Love Man’ comes in a close second.


Rape Music

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Imagine it. A large, sweaty man above you, taking you in your most intimate of intimate no go areas, while Avril’s ‘Girlfriend’ plays in the background. Truly the most fitting rape music you can get.


Back With A Bang

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Well, not so much of a bang as a dull thud. Even then, it’s not really a thud, more of a stubbed toe than any kind of actual impressive entrance. This isn’t a parade kind of return, more of a shuffling in via a side door, not meeting anyone’s eyes as the only reason I’d left was that I’d shit myself infront of them just moments before. Just moments before.

Welcome back.


today of all days

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I know that very few of you hve actually seen me in the flesh, so when I tell you that I ate so much over christmas I was almost sick, you won’t be too fazed. Trust me, it was an awe inspiring feat.

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